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17th Aug, 2022

Your letters: Redditch Library, election promises and more

Redditch Editorial 1st May, 2022

MULTI-PURPOSE, multi-faceted, multi-functional: What’s not to like?

On my visits to Redditch Library I find a pleasant environment, a comfortable space to read, find out what’s on there or out and about in the town or to use the public access computers.

If assistance is needed the staff are approachable and helpful.


Just for a short time anyway hearing the very young ones remind us how the Wheels on the Bus go or to find out the noises made by the latest additions to Old MacDonald’s Farm.

You know you join in their singing (or not!) whether for business start-up advice, going a job search, researching the town’s history and heritage or browsing the latest books or displays.

In time the children may learn about another farm, also one of our set books at The Leys High School in the early 1970s where ‘all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’.

Oh yes, the ‘adult’ world of agendas, interests, influence, priorities… decisions about the future of their library.

After Redditch’s former library had served the town it was time to move on to improve access and service provision with the opening of the current library on Saturday, January 24, 1976.

The new library cost £550,000 and in its 40th year was valued at £4million.

Are the wheels about to come off with the destruction of a unique community asset; established, meeting educational, creative, cultural, economic, health, social needs and valued across generaitons?

A Goodwin, London SW1W

AS THE Queen has said, recollections may vary, and my recollections of the closure of the market vary from those of Councillor Rouse.

Reports at the time, interviews with the traders and the firm which ran the market made it clear that they were in shock as there had been no consultation or warning.

Maybe it would be beneficial to keep election manifestos and compare them with what we experience during the following 12 months.

For example, were we told last time that there was the intention to knock the library down, again without consultation, that the town would be littered with e-scooters. with no contingency plans for extra police to monitor their use?

Councillors should remember that those who voted them in can vote them out and that they are not running a dictatorship.

M Morley, Headless Cross


ARE Redditch residents really interested in reading the ramblings of the political ping pong currently featuring in the Standard’s letters page?

Anyone would think there’s an election looming!

The light hearted banter between political parties locally has completely disappeared and in its place character assassination, snide and hurtful remarks on social media are becoming the norm.

Sadly Councillor David Thain is another victim of this reprehensible behaviour.

Redditch has always had a long and proud tradition of putting aside political doctrine for the greater good of the town.

I find myself deeply saddened that this co-operation is being damaged and diminished by the actions of a few.

The election on 5th May 2022 is your opportunity to effect change, I urge you to use your vote.

Councillor J Brunner (Matchborough & Ipsley)

JOE Baker’s assertion that our local MP and the Redditch Conservative Party should solve global inflation is a very sensible request and not plain daft in any way (Letters).

Admittedly, since late 2020, the global inflation rate has risen sharply to more than six per cent due to unprecedented policy support for inflation, the release of pent-up demand, persistent supply disruptions, and surging commodity prices – but all of these issues could easily be solved here with a little imagination.

This inactivity by Redditch Conservatives isn’t restricted to the planet’s macro-economy – they’ve done nothing to bring peace in Ukraine, been less than ineffective in banishing malaria, ignored Chinese persecution of the Uyghur people and allowed the French far right to rise in popularity.

I think we all know if Mr Baker and his Labour team – the very cream of Redditch’s intellectual elite – were in power then the world would be a happier place with free cakes every Tuesday and a new series of Tellytubbies on our TV screens within weeks.

H Bellaby, Feckenham

COUNCILLOR Dormer, Leader of Redditch Borough Council showed his true colours with his comment in last week’s Redditch Standard.

When pushed to explain why he wanted to demolish the town centre library he told us library footfall was down ‘because people don’t like to go into buildings’.

As county council portfolio holder for libraries one might expect him to ask ‘how can we overcome this, and encourage people back into our wonderful purpose-built library?’


Instead the effects of the pandemic is the perfect excuse to give the library a swift kneecapping.

The Conservatives think they can squash 50,000 books, 48 computers, an enormous historical archive and the job centre into the Town Hall – a building which is woefully inadequate, out of the way and isn’t even empty!

The only way the library will fit into the 321sq m of empty space is if there is a massive downgrade and downsizing.

And I’m afraid Coun Dormer, it’s also still a building and I thought people didn’t like buildings?

S Harvey,

Labour candidate for Central ward


I HAVE seen the post on the Redditch Standard’s Facebook about the total lack of space in the Town Hall to relocate our library to when it’s demolished.

You’d have thought with (Council Leader) Councillor Dormer’s experience of the building trade, he would know that all the services and contents in the library building at 2,267 sq metres couldn’t possibly fit into unused space of 321 sq metres in the Town Hall.

It’s always sounded like an ill-thought out idea that sprang from not investigating sooner a fundamental flaw in the Towns Fund proposal to demolish our library – at a cost of £4.2m – no for a replacement or agreement of costs for the relocation and day to day running.

I guess we won’t know any answers until after the elections in May.

This is despite us having nearly a year and a half of promises from Coun Dormer and still no sign of him or the Council[s] coming up with anything remotely transparent or concrete.

AB, Redditch Resident

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