Safety of nursery children compromised says Ofsted

By Harriet Ernstsons Friday 04 April 2014 Updated: 07/04 13:35

THE SAFETY of children at a Studley nursery is compromised and a number of legal requirements were not met, an inspector has found.

But Bright Kids have made an official complaint following the findings released by Ofsted this week which rated the village's branch as inadequate across the board - the worst of the four ratings which can be given.

Concerns surrounded risk assessments not identifying all the hazards children were exposed to - including unlocked upstairs windows with tables underneath giving youngsters access to the window ledge, a kettle placed on a worksurface within reach and a broken pane of glass in an internal door which had not been spotted.

The inspector said the site, which cares for 45 children and has 11 members of staff, had inadequate leadership and management with no suitable arrangements in place to meet a number of legal requirements.

Teaching was also described as ineffective and too often children were left to their own device with little interaction from staff.

"Staff do not consistently reinforce expectations and behaviour and as a result, children do not learn what is acceptable behaviour."

Other issues included observations and progress assessments not taking place regularly to enable staff to accurately plan for the next learning steps, as well as resources and activities not always being well planned.

But the inspector said children were 'happy and settled' and able to go to staff for 'cuddles and reassurance' when required.

Nursery owner Tricia Wellings said improvements were already under way and additional staff training was being undertaken to ensure the nursery delivered learning and development to each child's individual needs.

"However, certain other aspects of the report, relating to the safety and well-being of the children, we feel are factually inaccurate and other matters have been recorded in a way that we find totally alarming and not altogether correct as we have a very high safety record and children’s safety has never been compromised as the report suggests."

She added they had held a meeting with parents who had showed their support and were all very happy with the nursery's plans.

Rebecca Bailey, a mother of two, said she was also disappointed with the report which did not reflect her own experience.

"I am very satisfied with the care my children receive and the team work very hard to provide a safe, friendly and inspiring environment for the children."

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