Objection to Enfield homes plan flood in

By Connie Osborne Friday 28 March 2014 Updated: 28/03 09:02

FEARS over emergency access, traffic chaos and the impact on wildlife have sparked a campaign by residents to oppose a housing application in Enfield.

Members of Windsor Heights Management Limited, a group formed to look after the interests of Dixon Close residents, will put forward their objections to build 39 homes on land off the road at a planning committee meeting on Wednesday, April 9.

The Standard reported last week how the proposal was put on hold by Redditch Borough councillors after concerns were raised about fire engines being unable to access to the site due to the amount of cars parked on the road.

A motion was put forward for councillors to visit the area and look at the application again at the next planning meeting.

More than 50 letters from residents have been sent to the council objecting to the proposal on traffic grounds, noise pollution, loss of open space, over-development of the site and general community safety concerns.

Calls to change the access road to the site to run from the Enfield Industrial Estate have also been made.

Dawn Treasure, spokeswoman for WHM, said: “We believe that the land, which was originally zoned for primarily employment purposes, is far from ideal as a residential site.

“Dixon Close is already congested with parked cars and building another 39 properties as an extension to Dixon Close would subject the infrastructure to considerably more pressure.

“Only recently an ambulance was unable to get through because of parked vehicles. Goodness knows what would happen if, heaven forbid, there was a serious fire.”

But Worcestershire County Council’s highway team said the proposal would have no highway safety implications and would not adversely affect the road.

The Fire Officer has also said the proposed layout was acceptable, while parking provided as part of the application meets local standards.

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