Missing cats mystery is ‘very strange’

By <b>Connie Osborne Friday 10 January 2014 Updated: 10/01 10:05

A RISE in the number of cats going missing across the borough has sparked a warning to owners to be vigilant.

Debbie Evans, who helps to run the Lost and Found Pets in Redditch Facebook page, said she had noticed a worrying increase in the amount of missing cats being reported to the group after a total of 14 disappeared during December.

“I would usually expect maybe three or four in a month, but we have had lots more than that go missing recently and a few of the page members have started remarking upon it and thinking something is going on,” she said.

“I really don’t know what could be happening. The cats just seem to disappear into nowhere.

“No-one has reported anything suspicious like seeing people picking up cats and taking them away. We hear horror stories about dog fighting rings collecting cats to use for bait for fighting dogs but we have no reason to think this is happening here, it is just very strange that so many cats are disappearing.”

She added she wanted owners to be more vigilant and report anything suspicious to police, while checking sheds and garages was also important.

Catherine Inglis, from Petslocated, a website which allows people to register lost and found animals, said she had also seen an increase in December.

“More interestingly though we did notice there were a number of posts from people who said they had seen a cat jumping in or out of a parcel delivery vans,” she said.

“We actually made a post about it on our Facebook page at the time as we felt there were an unusual number in December.”

She added cats had been found up to 40 miles away from their homes and microchipping was the best way to reunite them with their owners.

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