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By Connie Osborne Friday 21 December 2012 Updated: 21/12 12:55

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Buy photos » Nine-year-old Owen Kirton shows the mark from where he was hit with an air riffle pellet. Picture by Neville Collins 52012020ncr1.

A BOY was hit by an air rifle pellet while he walked to his classroom at school.

Nine-year-old Owen Kirton, was walking across Ipsley Middle School's courtyard on Tuesday (December 18) morning when he was struck in the chest by a pellet which was shot from outside the school grounds.

His father Darrin said although his son was now feeling fine, the force of the shot hurt him and left a visible mark.

"He said to me it was really stinging and even though it didn't break the skin you could see a clear mark from where it had hit him.

"It must have hit him with some impact to mark him like that. He is very lucky that it wasn't worst and it didn't hit him in the eye.

"Someone could have been seriously hurt and I'm just glad it didn't get to that."

The Winyates East resident added children and parents need to be aware of how dangerous air rifles can be.

"They can get into the wrong hands or not be used correctly and awful things can happen. I think people just need to be a bit more mindful.

"I'm just really glad he is fine. He feels like a mini superhero at the moment."

Headteacher, Mr Sturdey said the school contacted the Police and Owen's parents immediately to inform them of the situation.

"Having found a pellet and having realised where it came from we contacted the police to report the incident. We made sure Owen was treated too and we also called his parents to make sure we did all we could."

West Mercia Police confirmed a 69-year-old man was arrested at an address near the school for firing an air rifle beyond his premises.

A spokesman said: "Police went to Ispley Middle School in Winyates Way after receiving a call at 10.38am yesterday (Tuesday) to say that a boy walking in a courtyard there had been hit in the upper chest by a pellet fired from beyond the school grounds.

"The boy was not injured and did not require medical treatment."

The man was released on police bail to appear at Redditch Magistrates Court on January 2, 2013.

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